Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baby blanket

knitting a baby blanket, originally uploaded by wildjinjer.

The first project I made for Amelia was a Baby blanket I started when I was 6 months pregnent. Really, it was just an excuse for me to fondle baby alpaca yarn for three months.

Here it is partway completed--I knitted this much mostly over my Christmas vacation--the rest was knitted mostly during my commute to and from work. Keeping it on circular needles made it easy--I just wore it around my neck when I was in between locations. I wore the skein of yarn over my shoulder--someday I'll post a pic of that--It's a really handy way to knit on the go.

knitting detail

knitting detail, originally uploaded by wildjinjer.

Here's a detail of the leaf pattern.
I found the original pattern on the internet, but I tweaked it a bit to look more defined. (compare the top leaf with the bottom one).

leaf pattern

leaf pattern, originally uploaded by wildjinjer.

Here's the pattern I ended up with, after tweaking the decidedly less complicated original. I have to translate regular knitting patterns into charts, because all that text gets lost in my brain. Charts stick much better...until I memorize it, that is.

The symbols rom the charts were adapted from ones I found on a Japanese knitting site.

The color coding helps me keep track of where I am in the pattern--it's easier for me to remember "pink" than "Row 2."

Finished Blanket

two recent projects, originally uploaded by wildjinjer.

...and here's the finished blanket draped neatly over Amelia at 3 days old.

Mostly, it's not draped this artistically, and it's pretty misshappen and full of pills, but still very soft and warm and useful, and I hope she likes it.